3 days in Ecuador’s charming capital, Quito

Quito, Ecuador the second highest capital city in the world is set in a spectacular Andean valley surrounded by snow capped volcanos. We stayed in the Old Town, a Unesco World Heritage Site… Continue reading

Baños, Ecuador – A place for adventure and relaxation

Whether you are an adrenalin junkie or in need of some serious R&R, then Baños is the place for you. Located in Central Ecuador in the subtropical Andes lies Baños, (Bath in English)… Continue reading

Mancora: It’s all about the beaches and food

300+ days of sun, perfect waves, white sand, tropical fruits and delicious seafood is just a few of the things we loved most about our time in Mancora. After surviving a 24hour bus… Continue reading

Sand, Sun and Fun in Huacachina, Ica Peru.

We took an overnight bus from Cusco to Ica, on the Southern coast of Peru. A dry sand dune surrounded city, best known for being the largest producer of Pisco in the world… Continue reading

A week in Perus most historic city, Cusco

Cusco is a dynamic and historic city located at an altitude of 3400m in the heart of the Andes mountains. I visited Cusco in back in 2010 and upon arrival, was saddened to see much… Continue reading

Inka Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu

We wanted the adventure of doing the Inka trail without the 4 days of strenuous trekking, as we are not a couple known for our high level of fitness. We found an awesome… Continue reading

Lake Titicaca – A beautiful day of fails

On our way from Bolivia to Peru we made the obligatory stop to see Lake Titicaca. One of the worlds highest lakes at 3800m, straddling both Peru and Bolivia it is the remnant… Continue reading

Welcome to the jungle: Surviving the Amazon in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

Rurrenabaque, a small town on the river Beni, located in Bolivias Amazon Basin. This was our starting point for our amazon jungle 3 day adventure in the Madidi National Park, one if the… Continue reading

Exploring the surreal of Bolivias Salt Flats and beyond

3 days, 7 people and 1 jeep – the journey begins We set off from the Chilean/Bolivian border after getting our passports stamped in a small shack in the middle of no where.… Continue reading

San Pedro De Atacama, a small town with big sights

    San Pedro De Atacama, a tiny oasis town in Northern Chile with dirt roads and single story adobe houses was our gateway to the Bolivian Salt Flats tour but we found… Continue reading