Meet Bolivias bad boy bachelors

I feel it is necessary that I introduce you all to some of these sexy bad boys I have encountered in La Paz. They are looking to put their bad boy ways aside… Continue reading

Cafayate – Argentinas best kept secret.

Cafayate, a tranquil small town in Argentinas northwest famous for growing the Torrontes grape, which produces an aromatic fruity yet dry white wine. With its spectacular scenery of green vines and roadside cactus… Continue reading

Breathtaking Andes

On our day trip from Mendoza to the Andes we encountered some of the most amazing landscapes ever seen. Glued to the window the entire drive we started in Urban Mendoza moving into… Continue reading

Ah, Mendoza

Our first ever Argentinian bus experience was one from Buenos Aires to Mendoza, a 14 hour overnight bus ride. Argentina is renowned for great long distance buses. Due to extremely high airfares for… Continue reading

Iguazu Falls

We flew into Peurto Iguazu on a beautiful sunny yet humid afternoon. The town is set in the middle of the jungle, a makeshift town for tourists. With red dirt roads and shacks… Continue reading

Argentinas Black Market – what it means for tourists.

Background on the Black Market aka Blue Dollar Around 2001 the Argentine peso was losing value and in fear of losing more, Argentines started to pull their money from banks in large quantities… Continue reading

Buenos Aires on the cheap

Over the last few days we have seen and done many things in this bustling huge city. Of course in a city this big with prices of certain things nearing Sydney prices it… Continue reading

Dinner at Cocina Sunae – one of BAs finest closed door restaurants

A few hours before our dinner reservation at Cocina Sunae begins we receive an email with the secret residential address is given. At 7:55pm we wonder up a dimly lit suburban back street,… Continue reading